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REPAIR (Tyre Vulcanisation)

Vulcanisation is a highly technical process used to produce high quality repairs on tyres. We have a dedicated in-house team who are fully qualified in tyre vulcanisation and have been fully trained by Rema Tip Top who are considered to be one of the global market leaders.

Hot vulcanisation involves preparing and heating a tyre to carry out major / minor repairs. Damage that extends to the bead or belt must be repaired by hot vulcanisation.

Tyres are repaired by hot vulcanisation in a thermopress which produces a very high quality of repair (as the process does not distort the tyre).

The vulcanisation process allows the rubber to ‘flow’ during curing, in both the plug (hole) area and between the patch and inner liner of the casing. This forms a dense sealed repair that will not leak or fail.

We have many years of experience of vulcanising and recognize the benefit it brings to our customers. The equipment will cater for all types and sizes of tyre. We utilize the very latest vulcanising technology using Thermopress, National & Vulcan Repair Machines and have recently invested in the latest state of the art machines.

We regularly use vulcanisation to repair tyres for the following:




Telescopic Handler


Skid Steer